Bengbu Olympic Sports Center main stadium steel construction of the first crane to complete the construction

According to Bengbu News reported that the morning of February 28, Bengbu Olympic Sports Center main stadium site, a 45 meters long, weighing 60 tons of steel suspension bridge was slowly lifting the tower crane, and then was steadily placed more than 20 meters High stands above the steel column, the whole process takes about thirty minutes.

As usual, the Olympic Sports Center project total package management engineer Huang Chuan-cang early to the stadium project site, coordination of work, February 28 is the workers after the full return of the twentieth day, but also the whole Olympic body The central project steel shed structure of the beginning of the suspension day, 4 million square meters of the oval-shaped stands, in front of this huge hanging beam slowly falling, and then through the hands of the workers master Mao Mao tools, little by little with the stands Steel beam integration.

The construction of the first suspension of the steel structure of the stadium means that the beginning of the formal construction of the steel shed structure of the two corridors of the Olympic Sports Center.

"The main body of the Olympic Sports Center is the construction of the current 750-tonne of the largest crawler crane. The steel shed structure of the construction technology is also leading in the country." Huang Chuan-cang told reporters after the completion of the stadium Steel shed, for the 73 steel bridge through the connection beam splicing made of three-dimensional three-dimensional structure, which, steel hoisting works in the most heavy lifting will reach 110 tons, 57 meters span bridge.

According to the municipal key project construction management department, the Olympic Sports Center project mainly consists of two museums: stadium, gymnasium, multi-purpose hall, and a landscape tower and a sports school, the current two museums and a sports school Project has been completed, February 28, the two museum has entered a steel structure construction stage, to be steel hanging after the end of construction, will be outside the curtain wall, metal roof construction.

Bengbu Olympic Sports Center is located in the east of Toushan, Jiefang Road, west of Yanshan Road, east of Longzi Lake Scenic Area, covers an area of 514 acres, with a total construction area of 144,000 square meters. Will be completed in 2018 in Anhui Province, the 14th Games held the main venues, but also will become the city at this stage the highest level, the most complete facilities of the national sports leisure sports center.

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